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TintWizard INC is an approved installer of commercial and residential tinting in Brisbane for TintingDirect ( install solar control films for heat, glare and daytime privacy, frosted films for day and night privacy and safety and security films to protect property and people. is Australia’s leading online supplier of home and office window films. supply window film from all the leading film brands at a much lower price than its competitors by allowing customers to measure their own windows and claim the 15% sales commission normally paid to a sales representative. This undercuts competitor pricing and allows people to get the top window film brands, including SolarGard, 3M, Smart Films, Hanita, ASWF (American Standard Window Films), JWF (Johnson Window Films) and SunTek, at a much lower price.

How much can you save with

The window tinting industry has traditionally paid sales reps 15% of the sales price of the film – the sales commission covers the sales reps wage and car costs. But many people don’t have time to wait for sales rep to visit their home just to measure their windows – they can do that themselves. In fact, many people provide the window measurements when they phone their local tint shop seeking a cost estimate. Tint shop owners do not normally give a discount to people who provide their window measurements. changed the traditional business model by being an online business and do not employ sales reps. They developed an online job costing application that lets anyone that can use a tape measure to do their own quote and earn the 15% sales commission as a discount. People who cannot take time off work can avoid the sales rep completely and do their own quote at a time of their choosing.

This means the price will be at least 15% less than the rrp for the film. also get volume discounts from the major film companies and will use the volume discounts to under cut the prices of competitors. They have a lowest price of window tinting guarantee that promises to beat any competitor, who beats their online price, by $50.

 All window film prices are shown online. This allows customers to make a direct comparison of window films from all the top film brands. They want you to get a couple of quotes from the local window tinters and then do an online quote to compare their price. They have made it really easy. Just measure the height and width of each window pane and enter the measurements into the job costing app and the film cost and installation charge is calculated. A quote for film and for installation is emailed to you. You can request film samples be posted to you also.

2. In addition to giving customers the sales commission and volume discounts online customers avoid the various wholesaler and/or the retailer mark-ups in the supply chain – people order the film online direct from TintingDirect, the Smart Films Australian distributor – which means a lower total cost for professional grade film delivered direct to your home or office. Try it. Use the job costing app to compare price.

  • A few people choose to install the film themselves but most choose professional installation by a approved film installer in their city. TintWizard has been in the window tinting industry for over 20 years and has partnered with to provide a professional installation service to their customers wanting house or office window tinting in Brisbane

Choose TintWizard INC Window Tinting for your film installation by entering our discount code when ordering your film online with

TintWizard INC installs film in accordance with the international “Visual Quality Standard for Applied Window Film“. The International Window Film Association (IWFA) developed this world-wide standard for window tinting nearly 20 years ago and it has become an industry mainstay for giving customers confident that they will get the highest quality film installation.

  • In short, TintWizard is promising customers that if it does not meet the international standard it will re-do the job. Not only do customers know in advance the standard the film installer will be working to and if the installer fails to meet the standard in the view of the customer both can refer to the same performance standard to help resolve any issues.
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